Who We Are


We’re James and Shelley, a couple of hop-heads in Charlotte, NC who hope to one day own our own brewpub.

Our story

We worked in the food and beverage industry for many years and have just about seen it all. About 5 years ago, we were introduced to the world of craft beer and have never looked back. The craft beer scene in Charlotte is growing fast and it’s our dream to be a part of that growth with our very own establishment.

Problem is, when you work as a server for most of your life, investment capital doesn’t come easy. You struggle just to make ends meet. As of now, our dream of owning a brewery is just a dream. But we hope to make it a reality one day.

Until then, we’ve decided to use this space to write about our love for beer and everything that goes with it: good art, great food, friendship, entertainment, living in the Carolinas, etc.

What does abstract art have to do with craft beer?

A very valid question since this site is called “Abstract Art Explained,” and we’re so glad you asked!

We see brewing beer as an abstract art in and of itself. Brewing craft beer is like cooking a really good stew. You have to have a knack for pairing ingredients together to create a certain profile for the palate. And we like to think we have that skill mastered.

Art is also another one of our passions. We love visual art, but we love all other types of art as well. We define art as anything that requires creativity to produce. Under that definition, you could classify beer as one abstract type of art, along with food, music, poetry and even prose. We don’t want to limit ourselves to talking about just one thing, so you can expect see a variety of topics discussed here on our blog.

But mostly beer…

Come on in. Have a seat. The first drink’s on us. 😛

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