8 Popular Types of Art


There is an array of art mediums. Here are just a few of the popular types of art:

  1. Animation

Animation is an intricate art form that requires technical skills. Once you learn the basics of animating, you can easily create anything you want. If you’re passionate about animating, you could even become an animator for television and film.

  1. Calligraphy

If you enjoy decorating and writing, then calligraphy is a great art form for you! With special pens, paper, and practice, soon enough everyone will be asking you to write their letters.

  1. Drawing

Drawing is a classic art form that can be done virtually anywhere on any scale. Whether you’re simply doodling on a post-it note during school or work, or spending countless hours of your free time drawing an intricate scene, drawing is a great type of art!

  1. Collage

If you want to create a piece of art that resembles your personality, aspirations, and design style, consider creating a collage. Collages are compositions of various pictures and materials that are pasted together.

  1. Painting

Another classic art form is painting. Like drawing, you can create paintings of virtually any scale. You could paint in a heavy-duty notebook or create larger canvases. There is even a variety of paints you can choose from that will differentiate the texture and appeal of your painting.

  1. Graphic

If you enjoy a variety of art forms, then graphic art would be a great art form for you to try! Graphic art incorporates illustration, calligraphy, and animation. If you are talented in graphic art, you could even become a graphic designer for businesses, such as marketing and advertising forms.

  1. Sculpture

Sculpture includes the following three different forms: carving, modelling, and assembling. With carving, you can use materials, such as wood, to carve an object. As for modelling, materials like wax and clay are usually used to sculpt objects. Lastly, assembling is when you use an eclectic collection of objects to sculpt a larger more prominent object.

  1. Photography

Since most people have smartphones that take high-quality pictures, photography can be done virtually anywhere at any time! If you are interested in photography, start by taking pictures with your smartphone. Once you get a hang of angles, saturation, and other photography basics, start investing in editing software, cameras, and other photography equipment.

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