5 Reasons to Avoid Macro Brews

If you’re new here, you may have noticed that we’re into craft beer. Our craft beer journey started several years ago and we have never looked back.

For many reasons, microbrews are so much better than macro brews—those being your popular mass-produced brands like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, etc. Those big boys are trying hard to survive in the midst of a booming craft beer industry these days. They’ve come out with all sorts of gimmicky products in an effort to measure up, like this one for example:


Hard as they try, these wannabe’s just aren’t cutting it, and we recommend avoiding macro brews altogether, for many reasons. Here’s 5:

#1. Support local business. Big, mass-production breweries like Anheuser Busch shouldn’t be allowed to take more business away from smaller companies, especially when the quality of their beer is watered down in an effort to increase profit margins. If you like the idea of supporting local business, craft beer is for you.

#2. Appreciation above over-consumption. Macro breweries make their money by using cheap, low-quality ingredients, mass-producing substandard beer, and pushing over-consumption on the market. People don’t drink Bud Light to appreciate it. They drink it to get drunk (in most cases.) If you’re drinking craft beer, chances are you’re doing it for appreciation. Brewing craft beer is a unique art. The final product usually pairs well with food and is best appreciated in smaller quantities.

#3. Unnatural ingredients. There’s a reason why craft beer tastes better. Microbreweries don’t use chemicals or unnatural preservatives in their brewing. Therefore, it’s also much healthier for you. Some macro brews contain harmful additives like caramel coloring and corn syrup. (Gag me with a spoon…)

#4. Lower ABV! If you are looking to get a buzz, you won’t have to drink nearly as much craft beer to get there. Macro brews have a lower ABV, usually around 4-5%. On the other hand, some craft beers have an ABV of 10 or even 12%—as much as a bottle of wine! Again, it’s all about appreciating the beverage, not consuming as much of it as humanly possible just to get drunk and pass out.

#5. Taste. Ever heard Bud Light described as “piss water”? Yeah, in our opinion, that pretty much sums it up. Macro brews just don’t taste good. That’s all there is to it. You’re gonna get a much better selection, a higher variety, and great taste from craft beer than you will from crappy mass-produced beer. There’s a reason why you have to shove a lime wedge into that bottle of Corona to make it even remotely palatable.

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