The Health Benefits of Drinking Craft Beer

Craft Beer and HealthBelieve it or not, when done in moderation, drinking beer can have similar health benefits as drinking wine. It is also important to note that craft beer can be much more healthier than it’s corporate beer counterpart. Craft beer is done on a much smaller scale and more often than not is brewed using premium ingredients. So, sit back and crack open that which is good for what ales you!

Beer contains vitamin B6 which is considered essential for healthy brain function, increased energy and immune system health. Studies have shown that beer drinkers have more vitamin B6 in their blood than non beer drinkers and double the amount of those who drink wine. You will also find that beer contains a healthy dose of silicon which is great for bone health and leaves the beer drinker with stronger, denser bones.

Craft beer, in general, can be much more healthier for you than it’s corporate beer counterpart. Being done on a much smaller scale craft beer contains ingredients of a much higher quality. Surrounding the craft beer movement is a mindset of using all natural, quality ingredients. Some of the bigger name brands of beer can contain artificial coloring agents, processed sugar, or even GMO grains so it is important to know what you are putting into your body.

So, let us know discuss the health benefits of my favorite ingredient found in beer….. HOPS! Hops (Humulus lupulus) contain xanthohumol which is a flavonoid compound that has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties. Hops are also a cousin of the cannabis plant and share’s some of it’s anti-cancer properties. Feeling anxious and having trouble sleeping? Well, drink a hoppy IPA and put your worries to bed! Hops have a relaxing quality and have been known to ease anxiety.

And so there you have it…. beer is healthy for you. But do not let this information go straight to your head and start pounding beers on a daily. One thing I love about the craft beer movement is that it reinforces appreciation over abuse. Everything in moderation… even moderation. Too much of anything can be a bad thing.




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