Ales vs. Lagers (And Why I’m an Ale Guy)

Ale vs LagerDespite the very many varieties of beer out there now a days when it comes down to it there are only two types, lagers and ales. The component that divides beer into these two categories is the yeast that is used to make the beer. Lager yeast is top fermenting and ferments at cooler temperature where as ale yeast is bottom fermenting and ferments at warmer temperatures. For the longest time lagers ran supreme is America with the market being controlled by large corporations spitting out copious amounts of yellow, fizzy beers. Then, the craft beer revolution happened.

The dawn of the craft beer movement brought diverse ales to the forefront of the industry. The environment was primed with creative collaboration and sparked a wave of imaginative ales bringing us flavors in beer we did not know was possible. It would seem the old world run by monotonous, corporate lager beers is dead and gone. We have come to the new age of ales… a brew world order.

The lack of diversity in lagers draws me to favor the rich, wide varieties of ales. Now, I have tried some craft lagers that I have enjoyed and sometimes certain situations, like mowing the lawn in 90 degree weather, calls for a nice crisp and refreshing lager. For me personally those occasions are extremely rare and you are more likely to find me with an ale in my hand.

For me, lagers carry with them the stigma of being crappy corporate beer. To me they represent the thought process on wanted to slam as many beers as fast as possible to get hammered drunk. Sure, in my teenage years I once held this mentality but I am older and wiser now, I think. I have come to appreciate beer and I enjoy it’s flavor. That reminds me of the saying, “People who drink light beer don’t like the taste of beer they just like to pee a lot.” When you boil it down I guess for me it comes to appreciation over abuse, leaving the old world behind and growing wiser with the passing years.


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