How I Got Into the Craft Beer Scene (and Why I’ll Never Look Back)

Craft Beer SceneIt would be easy to say the reason I got into the wonderful world of craft beer is because of the wide range of flavors, styles and because craft beer just down right tastes better. Sure, those things are definitely all reasons but I would be reducing and simplifying if I were to say those things are the only reasons. How I got into the craft beer scene seemed to be the path of least resistance and was something that was destined to be.

Confession… I started drinking at a pretty young age and of course being young and dumb (and knowing absolutely nothing about beer) I started out drinking watered down, domestic lagers. It was the only thing I knew of beer since my dad drank Bud Light or whatever else was on sale at the time. Throughout the years of my teenage angst I ran through all the big name brands staying loyal to each one for a short time as my palate would change and my liking for each one would fall away.

As my palate and wisdom developed and matured I stumbled across some craft beer from Rogue Ales at the ripe age of nineteen. The next couple of years I enjoyed craft beer here and there but the spark for the flame of my desire was not yet ignited as I was only interested in whatever would catch me a buzz with the money I had in my pocket at the time. But, in my early twenties something happened that amerced my everything into the consciously creative craft beer scene.

At the time I was working in the food and beverage industry and had just been fired from a fining dinning restaurant uptown. Luckily, I had a friend who was the general manager at this little hole in the wall restaurant that was just getting in on the ground floor of the craft beer revolution in the city. He was very knowledgeable on craft beer and was one of those hardcore craft beer supporters, you know, the type that will travel to wait hours in line for the specialty release beers.

Working in this restaurant and being apart of the beginning of the amazing craft beer revolution in this city was something special. My knowledge of beer grew and so did my appreciation for the craft. As my appreciation for craft beer grew my desire to abuse beer in the form of over consumption waned. No longer was I able to drink light, domestic lagers not only because my palate could no longer stomach them but also because of the attached mentality behind the yellow, fizzy beers. Corporate beer is all about quantity over quality, it sacrifices character for increased profit margins while pushing over consumption on the market. Corporate beer gives you more, crappier beer for less money… isn’t that sweet?

The craft beer scene became something more than a new, trendy hobby for me… it became a movement! As I started to become the person I was created to be the more my love for the craft beer scene engulfed me. It became my fight, craft brew Vs. corporate beer. For me, it is a battle in a much bigger war being played out on the world stage. The craft beer revolution is about freedom over enslavement, collaboration over competition, and creative diversity over monotony. The lines are drawn, the stage is set and I was hooked… amerced in the craft beer scene and I’m not looking back. It’s full steam a head.



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